Formerly The Tumblr Glee Project
Harmonious Intentions is a Tumblr based, fan initiated vocal group, filled with amazing individuals with a passion for singing and a love for the outstanding cast of Glee.

After searching high and low for the very best talent Tumblr had to offer via our own version of The Glee Project, we have managed to form a group, similiar to the "New Directions" yet all our own.

Our goal is to bring sweet vocals to the masses while we pay tribute to the creators, the music, the cast, and the show as a whole.

Currently, we are working on our first single and we hope to have it out very soon!

Thanks for droppin' in and checkin' us out!

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who haven't stopped believin' since July 31st, 2011
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July 30th
11:48 PM


We’re looking for musically inclined individuals who can play a mean instrument or know how to write great music! If this sounds like you, send us a message!

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